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If you’re looking for a low maintenance, lifestyle swimming pool for your family and home, trust in our 18 years of experience and advice.

Pools don’t need to be a hassle factor and a grudge to keep blue. Everyone wants an awesome sparkling pool come summer – almost like a guarantee of happiness.

Through our full service offering of construction, renovation, maintenance and repairs we take the hassle out of it for you and all you need to do is enjoy your swimming pool when you want.






When investing money into building or renovating a pool there is a huge trust factor involved due to the large cost and needing to trust a pool co to deliver what you want that works. That is why with 18 years' experience you can rely on our service. There are many factors that influence cost to consider when building a pool and we can advise you from the early stages, so you can make the best informed decisions.

Pebblebrooke Pools will project manage the whole process for you, under owner supervision to ensure a good experience as well as an end product we can be proud of.













































In the Johannesburg area we operate in, many swimming pools were constructed years ago. There comes a time when you will need to renovate or renew. Or you may have a pool you are happy with but would like to enhance it through renovation or addition. With Pebblebrooke’s advice and hands-on service you can enjoy a real facelift to your pool.



Your pool at some stage may need a repair, service or you may just need some advice on a potential repair. From your pump to your pipes there could be leaks or faulty parts that need attention. Sometimes it could just be a simple fix that could be pointed out, like filter sand that needs to be replaced.

Trust Pebblebrooke to give you the advice and service you need to make repairs simple and pain free.



Installation and supply of Pool Heaters, Pumps and filters, Piping, Suction lines, Chemicals, Zodiac Cleaning Equipment and Pool Covers, Inspecting the whole system to check it’s in good order




  • Cedar Lakes renovation

  • Linden sky-blue marblite and tiling

  • Lonehill

  • Maintenance and renovation

  • Maintenance and renovation

  • New pool Northriding

  • Parktown North charcoal marblite with water feature

  • Renovation morrocan-blue with wooden decking

  • Renovation sky-blue marblite

  • Skyblue finish Kidney shaped

  • Wooden decking

  • New Pool Wooden Decking

  • Cedar Lakes Renovation

  • Lonehill Renovation

  • New Pool Charcoal

  • New Pool Krugersdorp

  • New Pool with Charcoal Finish

  • New Pool with Jacuzzi and Mosaic

  • Renovation Kyalami Estate

  • Renovation Sky Blue Marblite

  • Renovation Waterfall

  • Solar Heating Installation






Many people do not want to have the burden of making sure a pool is looked after and is in prime condition when they do want to use it. Sparkling, clear and blue.

Swimming Pools require regular maintenance to ensure adequate chemical levels and a properly functioning pump and filtration system.

Pebblebrooke will maintain your pool, whether it is a once a month visit or a quarterly call-out. We will be there to ensure that when you do want to enjoy your pool it is ready.

Once off call out OR monthly contract to service:

  • Cleaning of all baskets
  • Brushing/vacuuming pool
  • Backwashing the system
  • Balancing the water (adding necessary chemicals)
  • Inspecting the whole system to check it’s in good order


man cleaning pool






In addition to our standard services we have a whole bouquet of add-on or additional services and products to complete your pool or simply enhance it, which could also make your cost of ownership less and your enjoyment of your pool more rewarding.

These include:

Parts and Installation

Saltwater Chlorination

Sales of bulk chemicals

Finishes (tiling, décor, marble colours etc)

Pool safety nets

Pool fencing



Solar Heating